Modules | Soil Fertility

The Integrated Soil Fertility Management course is designed to improve participants’ knowledge about various ISFM practices and give them the opportunity to apply this knowledge in the design of an effective ISFM program suitable for their local agricultural circumstances.

Soil Fertility: Module 1

Module 1. Introduction to ISFM Module Overview This is a course on Integrated Soil Fertility Management (ISFM). We consider ISFM to be an approach to sustainable and cost-effective management of soil fertility. ISFM attempts to make the best use of inherent soil nutrient stocks, locally available soil amendments and mineral fertilizers to increase land productivity […]

Soil Fertility: Module 2

Module 2. Principles and Concepts of Soil Fertility Module Overview As we explained in the introductory module, this course is focused on how to set up and implement an ISFM program. In the last module we introduced a suggested framework for doing this. Later on we will come back to this approach but would first […]

Soil Fertility: Module 3

Module 3. Identifying Soil Nutrient Problems & Opportunities – Making a Research DATE Module Overview You should now be well on your way to designing an effective ISFM program. You are familiar with a conceptual and operational framework to implement ISFM and have learned about key principles and concepts of soil fertility. You have also […]

Soil Fertility: Module 4

Module 4. ISFM Strategies to Maximize Profits and Agronomic Use Efficiency Module Overview You have now come a long way toward your goal of developing a sound ISFM program strategy. You’ve selected a site from which to do your work, identified potential problems and come up with a plan to verify your diagnosis. In this […]

Soil Fertility: Module 5

Module 5. Promoting ISFM Among Farmers Module Overview Here we are at the beginning of the last, and arguably the most important, module of this course. You’ve gone through a wealth of information about ISFM and, through your work in the previous modules, developed some sound, practical, cost-effective, science-based best-bet recommendations that you think will […]