Modules | Wheat IPM

The Wheat Integrated Pest Management e-learning course is designed to provide participants with valuable tools to grow a healthy wheat crop.

Wheat IPM: Module 1

Module 1. Introduction to the Wheat Crop Lesson 1.1: History and distribution The first references on wheat harvested by man for food come from some early forms of the cereal found 12,000 years ago. Some later findings of charred remains of bread wheat (Triticum dicoccoides) and grain shapes in baked clay were done in Jarmo (northern […]

Wheat IPM: Module 2

Module 1. Introduction to the Wheat Crop Lesson 2.1: Before planting To grow a healthy wheat crop, it is important to make an Integrated Pest Management plan in advance and consider all the phytosanitary control practices that should be applied, from before planting to after harvest. IPM should include all the agronomic practices helpful in minimizing […]

Wheat IPM: Module 3

Module 3. Monitoring, Tracking and Identification of Phytosanitary Organisms Lesson 3.1: Diseases 3.1.1  Overview & Concepts Biotic diseases in wheat are generally caused by microorganisms, mostly parasites. Parasitic is considered every living (animal or plant) that grows and multiplies inside or on other living things. The relationship that develops between a parasite and its host it […]

Wheat IPM: Module 4

Module 4. Interventions The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) recommend Integrated Pest Management for pest control, with focus on three main activities: prevention, observation and intervention. These activities are explained in the following lessons. Lesson 4.1: Preventions Prevention is a key element in an Integrated Pest Management strategy, however a very difficult concept […]

Wheat IPM: Module 5

Module 5. IPM Scaling and Implementation Lesson 5.1: Role of the farmer The wheat farmer will adopt IPM as long as the technologies are applicable and do not increase the production costs. The farmer must understand the new recommendations or will not use them. What is IPM? What is it good for? What is his […]