Introduction to IPM

One of the most important responsibilities of an agricultural advisor is to recommend good pest control practices to farmers. Pests can reduce or destroy their source of income, and sometimes both farmers and the people who advise them concentrate too much on the application of synthetic pesticides, rather than making use of other tactics to prevent or remove the need for sprays.

Integrated Pest Management, or IPM, provides an alternative to the single (chemical) weapon approach and is characterized by management of pests so they do not cause economic damage, rather than trying to eradicate all potentially harmful organisms in a crop. IPM is a way to keep pest densities below the level where they ‘eat’ into farmer profits. IPM practitioners use a holistic approach to managing pests, integrating methods and ideas from a broad range of disciplines into a comprehensive programme. Agricultural professionals and farmers who understand and use IPM have a powerful tool at their disposal.

Course Objectives

The Introduction to IPM modules are designed to improve participants’ knowledge and skills related to IPM. With the knowledge of IPM gained in this course, readers will develop a better understanding of:

  • What IPM is, the various ways people under understand the approach, and some of the reasons for different perspectives.
  • The fundamental concepts underlying the approach – agro-ecology, economics and the agro-biological effects of chemical pesticides.
  • The range of tools, tactics and methods employed in IPM.
  • A step by step approach to implementing an IPM program.

The course can be used as either a simple reference tool or as part of a structured learning course. The information in the four modules contains background material and has links to other resources dealing with IPM.

Target Audience

This course is designed to improve agricultural professionals’ knowledge of the principles and practices associated with Integrated Pest Management. It is aimed at participants who will have some responsibilities for working with farmers and are in a position to advise them on pest management strategies.

Modules & Downloads

There are four modules in the Introduction to IPM Course:

There are also a number of simulation and reference pages that can be accessed.