Responsible Pesticide Use

The vast majority of farmers perceive crop protection chemicals to be key weapons in their efforts to protect their crops. It is therefore critically important that they, and the farmers they serve, know if and when they should be used and how to use them responsibly. They also need to be aware of the health and environmental risks associated with improper use and know how to minimize these risks.

This course is designed to give agricultural professionals a broad understanding of responsible pesticide use and also to serve as a comprehensive reference on the topic. It will also introduce suggested approaches and examples of activities that might be used to promote more responsible pesticide use by farmers.

Course Objectives

The Responsible Pesticide Use course is designed to improve participants’ knowledge and skills related to using pesticides. With the knowledge gained in this course, agricultural professionals will develop a better understanding of:

  • The basic concepts underlying responsible pesticide use and the implications of the major International Code governing pesticides;
  • The 7 rules of responsible pesticide use; and
  • How to design change programs to influence farmers’ behavior when using pesticides.

Target Audience

This course is designed to improve knowledge of the principles and practices associated with responsible pesticide use and its promotion. It is expected that participants will have some responsibilities for working with farmers and are in a position to advise them on pesticide use.

Modules & Downloads

The Responsible Pesticide Use course is comprised of three modules:

In addition, there are a number of supporting documents available as Adobe PDF files: